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What's Good to Eat?

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What's Good to Eat?

Post  Clare on Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:04 am

As you've all probably worked out, I'm terrible when it comes to the facts and figures of Diabetes.
I want to be able to feed Doug properly and I honestly thought I was until I started reading about carbs.
What are the best foods to eat?
What contains the most/least carbs, sugar, fat etc?
What have you had to cut completely from your diet?

Just curious really Wink

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re carbs

Post  jenrose on Sun Oct 05, 2008 2:13 pm

Hi Clare

I bought a Collins gem Carb Counter book (I bought mine from Amazon) so if you add up the carbs your hubby is eating it will give you an idea of how many carbs he is eating now. Carbs raise blood glucose and cause weight gain for many. Some people go on a very low carb diet and make up for this by eating lots more protein foods like meat, chicken, fish. eggs and cheese. People with diabetes are at risk of developing kidney failure and hypetension puts a strain on the kidneys too which is why it should be controlled so I think this is something to be aware of. I know a lady who has type 1 and admits that she did not control her bg levels well and has been on the waiting list for a kidney transplant for several years and she has been on a low protein diet for all these years. Things like fruit juice, cooked fruit and dried fruit really raises bg quickly. One of the reasons is that the fruit sugar is not accompanied with fat as this slows down the rate of absorbtion of sugar so has the same effect as non diet drinks and jellies. Eating moderate amounts of protein and vegetables and fruit is good. There is a growing opinion that wheat is a bad food for diabetics. I eat wholemeal wheat because I have IBS/diverticultosis and so I can't eat certain foods like all sorts of veggies and I find it helpful but cereals do raise the bg levels. By using a bg meter and testing before eating and 2 hours afterwards will give you an idea of what affects your hubby's bg most. For some people bread and potatoes raise bg significantly. Take the skin off of chicken and cut down on trans fats too. Somebody admonished me on one board for saying fat makes people put on weight but my dietician told me to eat spread more olive marge (one without trans fat as I noticed co-op olive marge does contain trans fat) and eat more nuts and peanut butter to put weight on. Everybody needs some treats now and then and hopefully you can find a nice balance.
Good for you for you for getting to grips with your hubby.


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Re: What's Good to Eat?

Post  caroline wilson on Thu Oct 23, 2008 1:08 pm

Counting carbs is a good idea and am aware that whole grains are better than the other kind. I like sweet things, and prefer fruit to vegetables, although fruit has naturaly occuring sugar.

Round here I'm known as the carbohydrate queen, my biggest downfalls being parsnips and beetroots. I also have quite a sweet tooth, and although a mars bar when I looked it up is low GI it is still fill of fat and sugar.

Meal times are a nightmare as hubby has a dairy ntolerance, big son has shefish intolerance and little boy wont eat even if you strap him to a chair and por it down his throat, so it always feels like a resteraunt round here with dozens of different meals... Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad

caroline wilson

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Re: What's Good to Eat?

Post  Imogen on Thu Oct 23, 2008 3:19 pm

I have reduced my carbs so that mainly I get all of them through vegetables and salads - fat is not a problem unless you combine it with large amounts of carbs - and I honestly think that choccie is so sweet now if I have a piece because I hardly eat sweet things. I am tired at the mo... and will try to go into more detail another time xxx

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Re: What's Good to Eat?

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