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The part of stress

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The part of stress

Post  alicy on Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:28 pm

All the smokers associate their habit to the word “stress”. In real it’s a mere misunderstanding. Its because of their smoking habit, they are getting stressed.

There are people who say god bye to smoking, but it seems that they are getting back to the habit within a short while. It’s because they are not doing things for themselves, but for the sake of something else or someone else.

Every people have stress in their life, in one or the other way. If everyone starts going behind such harmful solutions, what will be the future of our upcoming youth, what will be the future of our society? It’s all a serious matter, and when thought carefully, it will be our best friend which Help to stop smoking


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Re: The part of stress

Post  Nick on Sat Jan 30, 2010 11:11 pm

Hi Alicy,

You lost me a little in your posting...but here goes anyway.

I used to smoke. I gave up cigarettes way back and then went onto a pipe and some cigars. I didn't smoke because of stress. I smoked becasue I liked it. This may be hard for anyone who hasn't smoked to understand but I actually loved the ritual of lighting a cigar or a pipe and taking the first pull.

I gave up on December 31st 1997. Would I go back to it again?

Well if they brought out a tobacco taht didn't cause cancer/other health problem then yes I probably would! But without that gurantee ...no way Jose.

Everyone has to make a choice. Everyone has a right to make that choice.

Personally I HATE the smell of smoking now....but there is no one as bad a s a reformed smoker.

The young must be able to make their own decisions. As must those older people (who probably out number the youngsters for smoking). Goodness knows how they afford it!

Take care

Best wishes

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