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Shoes for Diabetics

Post  Nick on Fri Oct 31, 2008 11:35 pm

Hi All.

Please find the below web sites of shoe providers that many Podiatrist's will recommend to you.
I have no commercial interest in any of these companies but I do recommend their goods.

I am about to go on a Hotter Shoe fitting course.
I have been on a musculo skeletal / bio mechanics course that had a large input from Asics but I am very impressed with their research and products and recommend them as a first choice of trainer. I am shown on their website somewhere as a Health Profession Ambassador.
I have no connection with Cosyfeet other than I have a pair of their shoes ~ they are a bit wide for me but very comfortable.



DB shoes (wider fitting shoes)

Asics trainers and lots of other sport shoes. (only available from good sportswear shops and Barack Obama was pictured wearing some the other day!)


Cosyfeet do socks without toe seams and elasticated tops and you can get VAT free...just fill in the form and say you are diabetic. Ditto widerfitshoes. Can't remember if Hotter have that form in the catalogue.

Wider fit shoes also do free returns if shoes not the right size.

Be wary of buying some of the accessories that they offer like gel tubes and nail clippers, they are often overpriced and can be purchased cheaper elsewhere.

Hotter/Cosyfeet/DB have a tape measure pull out to measure your feet to get a good idea of sizing.

Any queries that I can help you with....email me on here Smile

Best wishes

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